There’s some good history right here in Old North Knoxville! Remember hearing your grandfather talk about sitting on the porch with a glass of tongue-tingling lemonade your grandmother made? It was one of those really, hot days in July, remember? There were no driveways and garages, and most people had sidewalks for easy travels. Those days may be long gone but the style in the neighborhood has made its comeback with a lot of zeal and pride. Craftsman houses are plentiful in this area, as are victorian-gilded porches that take our breath and bring back memories. Walk down the streets lined with shade trees as far as the eye can see, stop and visit your neighbors, and appreciate the preservation of this historic district — Even the tiny little details in the woodwork have been preserved including coal burning fireplaces, wide-plank floors and so much more. You’ve got the best agent from Knoxville to find you exactly what you’re looking for in the historic neighborhood of Old North Knoxville.