Oak Ridge

Did you know that during World War II Oak Ridge was 59,000 acres of farmland and fields, and was at one time, the most secret place in America? Here, you can explore the history of Oak Ridge everywhere you turn. Home of the Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge was a key part of ending World War II and changed the world at the same time. It is also home to more than 65 miles of greenway hiking and biking trails, along the shore of Melton Lake, which wind and curl through many of the city’s wooded parks. Another great seasonal enjoyment is that of the Oak Ridge Outdoor Municipal Swimming Pool, also known as “The Big Pool.” The swimming pool is considered one of the largest spring fed pools in the nation. 13 ½ feet deep, this pool holds 2.2 million gallons of water. People who live here are very loyal to their home. Pay Oak Ridge a visit and see for yourself.