5 Reasons to Use an Agent to Buy Your Home

  • Ryan Smith
  • 27 May, 2020

So, you’re thinking about buying a home. Congratulations! This is an exciting step, especially if it’s the first home you’ve ever purchased.

So now you’re going to need a real estate agent. Of course, you can search for homes online. Most people do. And it’s great to look around to see what’s available, what areas you are interested in, etc.

But there are significant benefits to working with an agent, including more access to the homes you want as well as someone to walk with you through the process.

  1. It’s Free

First, working with an agent as a buyer is free to you. No, that wasn’t a typo. Zero, zilch, nada. That’s what it will cost you as a buyer. The home seller pays the cost. When you hire a Coldwell Banker Wallace sales professional, you get a committed agent who is dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

  1. You Don’t Have to Stress

The home buying process can be an exciting time, but with any major life decisions, it can sometimes be stressful. A great agent will be able to help you navigate the home buying process while keeping your cool. And if anything unexpected does happen, your agent will be there to offer solutions.

  1. A Network of Contacts

CBW agents are well connected. Not only do they have the backing of our entire team, including a dedicated Media Department, Relocation, Mortgage & Closing, they also have worked with a variety of pre-screened, licensed and insured companies you might need access to during the home buying process.

  1. Neighborhood & Market Know-how

You can only learn so much from looking at pictures on the Internet. Your buyer’s agent will help you explore different neighborhoods and areas of town. He or she will be able to offer market statistics as well. Their goal is to give you accurate information and help you make informed decisions as you move toward making your home purchase.

  1. First Time Home Buying Experts

Buying your first home can feel overwhelming. Have you thought about how much you can afford? Do you know how to get a loan and what types of loans are available? What about the amount you need to save up for a down payment?

All of these are questions your real estate agent can help you answer. Not only will they help you navigate the waters of securing a loan, but they can also give you valuable advice about what steps to take and which order to take them.

This blog originally was published on Coldwell Banker’s site.

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